Business Evaluation: Call Us BEFORE You Bid

August 18, 2022

Why are we offering you a free business evaluation? Many clients are looking right now for the next project. Are you one of these people?

If so, we love to hear from clients who are ready to take on new challenges. These might include expanding current businesses or adding new projects to portfolios. However, we find we can be even more helpful to clients when they contact us even before bidding on a business or property.

Before You Make an Offer:

• Business Evaluation of the subject property: We can help evaluate the business. We examine the documents you have or with your permission, we can also contact the current owners. Then we begin to determine the business’ strengths and weaknesses. We provide an independent opinion on reasonable projections for expenses and revenues as well as advice on possible challenges.

Understanding You as a Borrower: Our clients’ comfort and trust in our process is critical. In order to foster the very best relationships, we spend a lot of time getting to know our clients. We want to understand your business goals as well any concerns you might have. As a result, we will then know what your priorities are in terms of financing and finding the best loan products for you.

• Considering Hidden Costs You Might Not Have Considered:  We have the benefit of closing hundreds of loans. Therefore, we have experienced potential hiccups and can pass on that wisdom to you. We can offer information about whether a survey will be necessary, timely advice about insurance in your local marketplace or the willingness of lenders to fund your business proposal. Our experience and advice can save you time, money and frustration.

Free Prequalification:

• Getting to Know All of the Partners:  We will discuss your organizational structure and make sure it is set up in the best way to find an appropriate lender. Having this conversation before making a bid can prevent having to make changes in the ownership of businesses. It also allows for a free and honest conversation about what will be expected monetarily from each of the partners during the initial setup of the business.

Choosing Guarantors: Not every partner should necessarily be a guarantor. We can guide you to select guarantors based upon the merits of your project.

Review Personal Financial Statements: Again, we help all our clients to establish their own personal financial statement, which we then (as needed) share with potential lenders. This process helps us work together to determine what each client can afford and how to best show their personal assets and liabilities to greatest advantage.

If you would like to schedule your free business evaluation, contact Veeraj Patel, our Credit Analyst at 239.294.1664.

If you are considering a loan for purchase or refinance and would like to discuss your plans, feel free to contact our team.  We can conduct a business evaluation and even prequalify you for a loan at no cost to you.

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