Texas Buyers Needed Bridge Loan

May 31, 2023

Our clients had their eyes on an upper moderate hotel in South Texas. They had chosen their lender.

But this story almost didn’t have a happy ending. Their lender dropped the loan in the middle of underwriting!

Lender dropout is a real problem and it is becoming more common in the current economic climate. And even more upsetting, the seller was adamant about the timeline: no extensions!

The buyers came to us in a bit of a crisis. They needed a loan fast!

Rick Patel and Krishan Patel worked closely with the client partnership group. First GRP Capital recommended a restructuring of the loan. As a result, traditional lenders would be more willing to finance it. But, being realistic, they recommended a bridge loan. Bridge financing is a short term loan, designed to bridge the gap between undertaking financing and finding a permanent financing product. Bridge loans can be the perfect solution when the loan absolutely has to close, but the clients need more time to get everything right.

With a lot of work, this story had a happy ending. Our clients are the owners of a new hotel. They have short-term financing and are working with GRP Capital now to finalize their long-term financing needs.

Bridge Loan Basics:

• Short-term financing that has to stay short-term. Bridge lenders are interested in short-term financing only. They want to know that clients have an exit strategy to obtain permanent financing.

Premium comes with a price. Bridge lending has a built in cost, usually a higher interest rate. This is another inducement to find permanent financing quickly.

• Be prepared for careful underwriting: Bridge loans are a somewhat riskier product for the lender, so lenders will work to protect themselves. They will conduct their own underwriting and it will be quite similar to a conventional lender’s underwriting protocol. Bridge lenders want to ensure that your loan will be able to be funded elsewhere pretty quickly. So they will look at your loan structure, your cash positions and your debt coverage before offering even this emergency financing.

Our GRP Capital team specializes in finding the right lender for each project. We save our clients time and money, as we research the best choices for their funding sources. Our experience allows our clients to find funding that is project-appropriate and will allow for sufficient cash flow. Whether you are looking to refinance or purchase, we would love to discuss your business plans with you. If you are considering becoming a first-time (or second or third time!) buyer, we can assist you.

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