Ravi Patel


Ravi Patel is an emerging associate at GRP Capital, recently starting his professional journey in commercial real estate financing. His career began in the hospitality industry, where he owned and managed a successful business. This foundational experience has provided him with valuable insights into customer service and operational management.

Transitioning into real estate, Mr. Patel brings fresh perspectives to single and multi-family investments. His keen interest in the field, coupled with his background in hospitality, allows him to uniquely understand the client’s needs and the nuances of property management and investment. His primary goal is to build lasting relationships with clients by focusing on their needs and working diligently to aid in their success.

Mr. Patel’s enthusiasm and commitment to his new role at GRP Capital make him a promising addition to the team. He is motivated to expand his expertise in real estate investment and financing, aspiring to become a trusted and knowledgeable advisor for GRP Capital’s clients.

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