Looking for Loans when Interest Rates are High

April 25, 2024

We at GRP Capital are not in the business of predicting the future. However, the Federal Reserve has indicated that interest rates will likely continue to be on the higher side through the summer and maybe longer.

How do these higher interest rates affect you? More importantly, what are the best business decisions you can make right now?

Are you looking to purchase an existing business with commercial real estate? Or do you already own a property and are facing an upcoming loan maturity? Are you trying to figure out the timing of a refinance or considering remodeling or reflagging, rolling that into a refi?

Factoring Interest Rates in Your Business Decisions:

  • Be realistic about business expenses. Simply put, if you are contemplating a purchase of a new business or refinancing a maturing note, you need to know how much a loan will cost you. Fortunately, our GRP Capital team can help you look at options. We will examine possible loan terms, so you can know the nuts and bolts. What will the monthly payment be? Is that a reasonable price to pay?
  • Determine your Debt Coverage, not just a property’s Loan to Value: Many business owners and borrowers get very excited about appraisals and how properties are priced. Indeed, lenders do want to see a property with a value that is greater than the loan. However, for certain businesses, especially hospitality, lenders are no longer satisfied with appraised values. They are more concerned with what we call DSCR, which is Debt Service Coverage Ratio. How much of the value of the business and of your own net worth will be on the hook to pay for financing? Is this a reasonable figure? Is this an appropriate risk for the lender?
  • Fixed versus variable interest rates: It might make sense to bet on interest rates going down in the future, but that is a risk. On the other hand, choosing a long-term higher interest rate can also be costly.
  • Bridge loans. Sometimes a transaction needs to occur quickly. This is especially true if the seller is courting multiple buyers and the first one in the gate gets the deal. Basically, bridge lending offers a quick, temporary solution, but sometimes with a high short-term interest rate. It might be a viable option right now when interest rates are already high.

Variables to Consider during Periods of Higher Interest Rates:

• Interest Rate: Duh! What is the rate and is it fixed or variable? Be sure to understand how your lender calculates a variable interest rate. Is there a floor or a ceiling?

• Prepayment Penalties: Many loans have a prepayment penalty if you exit the loan quickly. If you are looking at a loan for a short term, be sure you consider this aspect. It may not make sense to exit a loan when you consider the penalty.

If you would like to discuss loan options or any other business plans, feel free to contact our team.  We can conduct a business evaluation, reach out to our lenders, offer advice on bidding and secure financing for you. An initial business evaluation is complimentary.

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