How and Why we Find Lending Partners

November 9, 2022

What we do here at GRP Capital is find appropriate lending partners for our clients. But what does that mean? Why does it matter? And why would lending partners even want to work with us?

We’re glad you asked. Here’s what you need to know!

What our Lending Partners Want

  • First, lenders want to make loans in the right “buckets”. Sometimes these are for certain industries, sometimes they are in a certain geographic area. And sometimes, the desirable loans are for a certain size or a specific structure.
  • Lenders prefer to receive documents that meet their standards, are correct and demonstrate the true nature of the borrowers.
  • Lenders want to find qualified borrowers, who can pay back their loans through managing and owning profitable business ventures.

How GRP Capital and Lenders Work Together

  • Probably most importantly, our lenders know that GRP Capital analyzes all of our potential clients before we begin to search for matching lenders. This analysis saves time for our lenders as they trust our ability to determine the strengths and issues that all of our potential loans have.
  • Lenders do not have time to waste. They know that GRP Capital will not bring them loans that are not in their wheelhouse.
  • Finally, lenders are desirous of a smooth path through underwriting and closing. This is where we really do some of our finest work.

How our clients benefit:

  • Because we start off looking for appropriate lenders, we can save our clients time and money as well as finding the loan that is structured for their needs. Each loan is unique. We do not have a cookie cutter approach.
  • Our clients may take on occasional loans. But our highly experienced loan processing team has seen it all. We know exactly the expected quality and content of all of the documents that our lending partners request.
  • Our loan processing team works directly with the bank, the title company, the attorneys, the insurance agents, the accountants. We work hard so our clients can run their businesses. Our clients prefer this setup, and our clients’ comfort is preeminent.

What lenders say about us:

“I wish all our clients were GRP Capital clients.”

“You guys rock!”

“They are great to work with and very responsive.”

Please let us know if you are interested in financing for any of your business projects. Any member of our GRP Capital team would be happy to help you.

Whether you are investing in your first commercial business or expanding your existing portfolio, our in-house experts can help you identify and close on the right loan for your financing needs.
Our primary mission is to provide the most responsive, client-oriented financial services by offering competitive commercial and real estate loan products through a chain of banking and non-banking networks.
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