GRP Closes Liquor Store Loan in Arizona

September 8, 2020

GRP Capital is pleased to announce the successful closing of a liquor store in Arizona. Both Ryan Dumas and Vijal Suthar worked closely with our clients to close this loan. 

GRP Capital secured a fully amortized, 25-year permanent loan for the borrower. The loan closed with additional working capital in addition to covering all closing costs. 

Associate Vijal Suthar noted, “Our clients benefited a lot, because we already knew their business situation well. We had previously helped them apply for SBA emergency loans for their various businesses, loans that became available through the CARES ACT. As a result, we understood their situation, including some distinct complexities.”  Ryan Dumas added, “This new loan not only brought down our clients’ monthly payments, it also saved them six months of payments. Because we were able to close the loan prior to the SBA deadline of September 27th, the SBA pays for six full months of loan payments.”

Lenders are eager to fund liquor store loans, both purchases and refinancing. Liquor stores have continued to be profitable throughout the pandemic. They have required only modest modifications to assure the health of customers and employees. Most importantly, liquor stores have not experienced significant losses of revenue during the recent pandemic and many have actually increased their revenues, due to the limits and closures of bars and restaurants.

The GRP Capital team specializes in finding the right lender for each project. We save our clients time and provide options, as we research and apply for different funding sources. Our experience allows our clients to execute on funding within our proven lending network.

Closing this loan demonstrates GRP’s ability to secure funding for business owners in expansion even in these uncertain economic times. To be sure, business conditions are experiencing a “new normal”. However, business loans post-COVID 19 are possible under the right conditions.

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