Gas Station Loans and Convenience Store Loans

June 16, 2022

We love to fund gas station loans and convenience store loans for our clients. These businesses continue to be solid investments, seemingly recession and inflation-proof. We routinely check in with our lending partners to see what their appetite is. They are telling us that they remain highly interested in funding gas station purchases, refinances, and construction for qualified borrowers. In fact, one of the first loans that the GRP Capital team closed after the COVID-19 pandemic began was a gas station development loan.

How we can help fund your Gas Station or C-Store:

• Understanding the Business: We have worked with a variety of clients who own gas stations and C-stores. We have expertise in funding the purchases, refinances and construction of gas stations and C-stores. We understand the nature of the business and many of its challenges, including staff retention. As a result, we can make the case for your business, showing its profitability and its potential for future profitability.

• Finding Motivated Lenders: We, like our clients, are carefully monitoring the ups and downs of our economy. Our lenders are doing the same. Gas station and convenience store owners have routinely demonstrated how essential their businesses are throughout the past two years of change. These businesses were able to pivot and be adaptable. In addition, customers appreciate the one-stop shopping at these shops, avoiding lines and larger crowds.

We Do the Work So You Can Do Yours: Lots of small business owners work hard. However, we know that gas station/C-store ownership and management is particularly labor intensive. Our clients can rely on us to fill out documents, review them, obtain signatures, and set up site visits, all while working in partnership with the lender. We work hard securing your funding, so you can work hard running your business

Fuel Supply Agreements: Fuel supply agreements set up an established “cut” for the supplier. This protects both the supplier and the gas station owner. No matter what the price of the fuel is, the owner will still make money. This built-in stability makes a gas station loan attractive for many lenders. We have been able to assist our clients in obtaining favorable fuel supply agreements, which will positively impact their profitability for a long time.

Contact Our Team For Your Financing Needs:  

If you are considering a loan for purchase, refinance or construction and would like to discuss your plans, feel free to contact our team. We have a network of lenders and can find the best match for your funding needs, saving your time and money, so you can focus on running your business.

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