From Idea to Closing: The GRP Capital Loan Process

December 14, 2023

You’ve heard the phrase “the loan process”. What does that even mean to you as a borrower?

We’re glad you asked. Here’s what you need to know!

First Things First: What Is Important to You?

  • Clients come to us by contacting a member of our GRP team, either one of our business associates, our management team or any of our support staff.
  • We consider our first steps like a matchmaking process. First, we need to get to know you. What are the specific goals for your business, what kind of financing are you looking for? How do you envision your business for the short-term and the long-term?

Our Loan Process includes Expert, Personalized Advice

  • Our in-house team will begin to look at your business and your plans. We will ask questions to determine potential roadblocks and evaluate the strength of you and your business as a borrower.
  • Sometimes, we will come back to you with advice to delay seeking financing. We have advised clients to wait for their businesses to show another quarter of profitability. We also have advised clients when we believe that a purchase may be overpriced.
  • If we believe that your business plan looks strong, we will then reach out to our network of lenders to sell your story to them. It’s really important that we advocate for you with the lenders, seeking to find financing that meets your needs.

Matching You with an Appropriate Lender

  • Truly, the GRP Capital “secret sauce” is having relationships with many types of lenders. This is what saves our clients the most time and aggravation.
  • We try to find several lenders so you can choose from among a variety of loans, determining what the most important aspects are (size of loan, type of loan, schedule of repayments, monthly payment, having a relationship with the lender, etc.)
  • We have inside information in many ways, as we already know which lenders are interested in which industries and if they have geographic preferences. We also know which lenders have good reputations and have a high percentage rate of closing loans in a reasonable time frame.
  • Ultimately our lenders know that GRP Capital analyzes all of our potential clients before we begin to search for matching lenders. This analysis saves time for our lenders as they trust our ability to determine the strengths and issues that all of our potential loans have.

From Term Sheet to Closing:

  • Once you have chosen a lender, our team goes into overdrive to get you to closing.
  • Our loan processing team, led by Keren Alpert, works directly with the underwriters as well as other third parties, like appraisers, attorneys, title agents and insurance agents.
  • We work directly on your behalf, so you can work on running your business.
  • Lenders prefer to receive documents that meet their standards, are correct and demonstrate the true nature of the borrowers. Our loan processing team provides that for them.
  • Our clients may take on occasional loans. But our highly experienced loan processing team has seen it all. We can help manage the bumps along the way that can happen and guide you through the steps to take.
  • We know the process all the way until closing. If necessary, we can host closings in our office or support you as you sign documents closer to your home.

What lenders say about us:

“I wish all our clients were GRP Capital clients.”

“You guys rock!”

“They are great to work with and very responsive.”

Please let us know if you are interested in financing for any of your business projects. Any member of our GRP Capital team would be happy to help you.

Whether you are investing in your first commercial business or expanding your existing portfolio, our in-house experts can help you identify and close on the right loan for your financing needs.
Our primary mission is to provide the most responsive, client-oriented financial services by offering competitive commercial and real estate loan products through a chain of banking and non-banking networks.
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