Colorado hotel loan; repeat client buys nearby property

August 9, 2022

We were happy to close a Colorado hotel loan for a repeat client of ours. This partnership group has found success in the Mountain states. They were eyeing a property not too far from a successful hotel that they previously purchased with a GRP-supported loan. In addition, they discovered that there was an absentee owner. Savvy business owners often target businesses held by out-of-town owners as potential purchases. Often, these properties can be extracted for more revenue. In this case, our clients will be able to manage this hotel along with their other hotel, pooling staff and using similar operating procedures.

GRP Capital Managing Director  Krishan Patel led our team to close this loan. Patel stated, “I know this client group well, as we have closed loans with them before. They are excellent business owners and managers and know the hospitality industry very well, particularly the Colorado hotel business. We supported them through the challenges of purchasing from an out-of-state owner. Now they are ready to have even greater market penetration with their two nearby properties.”

Things to remember when purchasing from Absentee Landlords:

• Who knows this business the best? Out of state (or country) business owners vary in their ownership style. Some really understand all of the properties in their portfolio. Others defer to their management team and know very little. If you are considering purchasing from an absentee landlord, determine if they know their business well and if not, get the contact number of the person who does.

•  Determine property condition Again, depending on the style of the owner, properties without ownership nearby can have deferred maintenance issues. Utilize the appraiser or even your own third party hires to determine the property condition. Be sure to include any needed renovation or upgrades in your loan package, especially if completing these would lead to greater revenue.

•  Get a solid understanding of the financials Even before potential lenders underwrite the loan, you should have a good sense of how the business is doing. What are its challenges and strengths? What kind of management is needed? Most importantly, will you be able to give the attention and oversight needed to make this business profitable?

Our GRP Capital team specializes in finding the right lender for each project. We save our clients time and money, as we research  the best choices for their funding sources. Our experience allows our clients to find funding that is project-appropriate and will allow for sufficient cash flow. If you are considering becoming a first-time (or second or third time!) buyer, we can assist you.

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