GRP Capital Debt Fund

GRP Capital Debt Fund
by mpoliti
Through our own lending solution, we offer quick closings for qualified borrowers and a fixed income program secured by First Trust Deed opportunities nationwide for our investors.

Debt Funding & Servicing

Our first step is the thoroughly understand how our funding can be fitted to reach your project’s goals. With a clear scope of the project, our investment pool can be quickly applied to fund acquisitions, interim refinances, and construction shortages. We can utilize our other services to consult on the project and identify a take-out towards the end of the term.

Investor Program

We offer a fixed income program for contributors seeking diversification into the commercial real estate market. We conduct thorough due diligence up front to assess the project, order third-party reports and confirm an exit plan before funding. All loans are serviced in-house for a true passive experience.