Mission Statement

GRP Capital’s primary mission is to provide the most responsive, client-oriented financial services by offering competitive commercial real estate loan products through a chain of banking and non-banking networks.

Due to the cyclical nature of capital markets, we understand the challenges lenders and investors face in relation to commercial real estate loans and equity investments. With a team of multidisciplinary real estate professionals and financial advisors, and as sponsors to alternative capital sources, GRP Capital can consistently develop intuitive solutions that accomplish the business, financial, and regulatory goals of both lenders and investors.


As a correspondent to various financial institutions and a multidisciplinary team of commercial real estate and banking experts, we are able to maintain our client's confidence and preserve our company’s outstanding reputation.

Integrity, above all

Balancing the rights and interests of all involved is key to our ongoing viability. By being explicit about our values, we tell the world this is how you can expect us to behave. For us, success will only be achieved if we act with integrity.

We are honest

We carefully weigh the impact of our actions and make decisions that are considerate of all involved. We give honest and clear advice to our customers. We tell the truth. We are open, which means we are honest about what we do while balancing the interests of all involved.

We are prudent

We deal with people's financial information - few things in life or business could be more important or more sensitive. We put the customer’s interests at the center of all our activities. They can rightly expect their trust placed in us to be honored, meaning we care and have the right competence to manage their interests and information.

We are responsible

From the projects we help finance to the lighting in our offices, we are mindful that every aspect of our business has a social and environmental influence. We respect human rights and care for the environment, avoiding or managing impact. We invest in our communities, support good causes, and encourage continuous improvement in everything that we do.


Our strategy aims to create a differentiating customer experience, enabled by simplifying and streamlining our organization, further striving to enhance the performance culture within our company and expand our outreach.

Our focus is on becoming the primary connect for borrowers and lenders alike, growing our network by consistently developing innovative financing solutions for more businesses.

In challenging markets, we strive to strengthen our reputation by pushing harder to develop financing solutions. We invest in our network to beat market restraints and keep currency flowing for both lenders and borrowers. We seek to use our industry expertise to become the "go-to" company.

In growth markets, we work to deliver on operational excellence and strive to be the networking firm for businesses and individuals across the nation.

Niche Markets

Asian American Hotel Owners Association

We understand the complexity surrounding the acquisition of distressed real estate assets. As constituents of the largest hotel owners association in the world, we have the ability to effectively connect our clients to our established chain of lenders, vendors, and hotel owners. We are able to construct and organize well-thought financing solutions to a variety of commercial real estate assets, and also apply our consultation practices for those already vested in the performance of commercial real estate assets.

Korean American Hotel Association

As members of KOAHA, we have a rooted network within the Korean market. With familiarity and experience with those of Korean descent, we are able to efficiently coordinate and offer a variety of financing options for your business or commercial financing requirements. We offer to finance throughout the United States for a variety of commercial real estate assets such as motels, franchises, shopping centers, apartments, office buildings, retail stores and more.

National Association of Black Hotel Owners

As allied members of NABHOOD, we have the outreach to increase the number of African-Americans developing, managing, operating and owning hotels. We are able to assist those in the African-American community create employment opportunities with the idea of society growth in mind and help build a portfolio of commercial real estate to generate wealth.

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